Wild Beauty

The wings of the wind carries her

Her soft whisper turns into a whistle

All the trees chime in as she sings

the hymn of sacred belonging

She generously spills

Earth’s secrets

Gives a solemn promise

of her incredible vastness

Our smallness

humblingly contrasted

Yet she assures

our place

in this cosmos

is Divinely orchestrated

She sings:

Untie, unleash

free the stifling restraints you place 

on your gloriously ensouled body

Open to the golden life-force

anchoring your presence

Draw energy from the Earthbody

as you unearth her ancient wisdom

Embrace the mysterious unfolding of your living

Revere in the soulfulness of your being

The Universe rejoices

in the full-bodied

expression of your wild beauty

©August 2016

Dance at Dusk


King of Blue Skies
Sings a song of praise
Warm-coloured notes
of Love feels like an embrace

His song of admiration
ushers in the night sky
He playfully winks
at the star-clad knights
accompanying his
glorious Queen of the night
She appears for a moment
to bask in the glow
of her King’s lingering gaze
Gracefully taking her position
in the silvery haze
of her evening gown
Magnificently Divine
this brief dance of Love
at Dusk
between the Sun King
and his Moon Queen

(originally posted on 16 April 2014)


A Lionhearted Journey towards Authenticity©

He was there before she was dreamt
a firey-tongued orb afloat
in weightless space
He kissed into life
all that she adores
the colours, shapes and forms
of her home called Earth
She passionately watched him from her birth
He in turn followed her every move
Her love for him just grew and grew
So she started collecting his pouring rays
in a bucket made of dew
then sets off to work with brush and determined stroke
working feverishly to prolong
the life-infused presence of his light
and the glow in her body he invokes
Every day she paints
the surface of the moon
but some days she does not get very far
for she plays in dreamfields of butterflies and unicorns
Then this little Suncatcher
must be content at night
with the wink of a sickle moon
and on certain nights
just the lasting memory of his touch

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The Sun

In honour and celebration of the Sun, the life-giving and -sustaining force of our Earth Home…

A Lionhearted Journey towards Authenticity©



on the day

our hearts wept

On that day

he never slept

never really left

the heart

of the grieving


in his kingly pose

in another corner of our earth host

Found its way

through and into everything

even a humble rose

Thawed and warmed

its frosted petalskirt

not wasting a single golden ray

source and symbol

of our life-giving energy


leading the mysterious way

of all the living

faithfully watching

over every path unfolding

The Light

which can break through a darkened sky

and turn the eager face

of the ocean goddess

into the liquid diamond shimmer

of a Divine Smile

with its magic tricks

perfectly picks

just the right moment

to play with the golden flecks

in dream-wandered eyes

to reveal and illuminate

the soultruths planted in its soil

rises and sets

countlessly throughout our earthly quest

He never discriminates

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Autumn…the open-hearted season

A Lionhearted Journey towards Authenticity©

A thick carpet
of burnt yellow-orange leaves
cover the Earth skin

A restless rustle
Autumn’s hymn
sent with the swallows
into the north-traveling winds

A Forest Buzzard glides above
his eyes pick up every movement
on the gold and bronze scattered ground
his wings slicing
through the thickening mist
descending from Star Mountain’s crest

Seasonal rhythm
continues unperturbed
Summer glides
reluctantly into Autumn
Autumn slips secretly
into Winter

No human can challenge
the truth in this
Earth knows best
Her natural reign and order persists
Her climatic features ever-changing
as we humans push and push
Her with our presence
and relentless pursuits of perfection

Yet in this moment
this truly perfect moment
She smiles upon us
as she knows
the quality of material
that exists within all of us

Her soul is absolutely free
and so it will be
“No hurry”, she whispers
trust and fall like the mist

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