On the Borderland of Soul


When the skyline falls

into the star-studded midnight blue

and a solitary Swallow

slips into a slipstream fading from view

This is the moment

when all that is so dear

feels intimately near

beautiful here

becomes the dark too

This is where I stand in awe

this soul so imperfectly embodied

I could not ask for more

standing on the borderland of Soul

What in this moment shall I believe?

when the world runs according to a particular order

Who holds the key to life’s mystery?

In this moment then with its simple beauty

I shall believe

this experience internally

not what I am told to see

but this indescribable energy

delicately enfolding me

How do I describe?

what spills into and over me

that which has no external source

Overjoyed I am

with this sensation that belongs to no one

It originates within the soul fountain

There is a reason why

I can look up every night

and the stars are all in place

Tis this belonging

to Love’s Divinity

Nature’s Serenity

The Earth Sanctuary

It is a truth of sincerity

I believe in every particle of my being

which empties the rooms of superficiality

That makes me not want to wait

until the morning light

that makes we want to stay the night

with the stars as my guide

the course they indicate feels so right

It is this moment in time

where the warmth from my heart

thaws my frozen breath

where I feel closest to life

having died a thousand deaths

where beauty is in the age of markings

where nothing is asked

no compromise in the innocence

of surrendered living

Where the liberty

of loving the only way we know

the memory

embedded in ancient history

rises from the mists of time

It is a voice that can be heard

from a field of dreams

invoking fresh waters of life

The voice that lets me let go

of the proclivity

to fear what I do not know

nor control

what is not meant to be

and surrender to the mystery

Not defined or confined

Love’s beautiful design

a mystery unspoken

felt in the way I break open

Its very presence

a catalyst for meaningful connection

Its co-creative relationship with Earth

binds Body and Soul in an inseparable affection

Weightless I am in this moment

on the borderland

as I wait to see the Sun

And this is what the night wind

sweetly whispers in my ear:

‘Love is not based on insanity

it is the familiar landscape

of our soul’s homeland…’

©20 January 2015


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